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BitKeeper is the grandfather of modern SCM tools and popularized the concepts of Distributed Version Control. BitKeeper continues to be the innovation leader, creating powerful tools to simplify today's complex software development environment.


Are broken builds affecting your productivity?

BitKeeper workspaces are independent replicas where you can check in code, do more work, and continue checking in without polluting the main tree with incomplete work. Check-in, merge, and test -- all in your sandbox -- and push changes up to the main tree when you decide it's ready.

Working remotely? Offline?

Legacy client-server based SCM's may be making your check-ins slow and cumbersome, especially if you have multi-site or remote developers. With BitKeeper, common operations such as check-ins are done locally so they are fast. At the same time, synchronizing repositories over the network is also efficient because only the incremental changes in metadata are transferred.

Want to share, review, and test code easily with other team members?

No problem. BitKeeper enables sideways, peer-to-peer updates that promote collaboration early in the development process. Work, merge, and test collaboratively with team members without ever having to leave a version control environment. No one else is affected until the group is ready to push its changes up to the main tree.

Is debugging and understanding code becoming increasingly difficult?

BitKeeper keeps the most accurate and detailed audit history of any SCM solution in the market with tools to easily query that history. For any modification, developers can quickly see what related changes were committed in the same changeset. BitKeeper's fully annotated history browser also shows all previous versions of each line of code, helping developers quickly see how the code evolved.


Need a better handle on reviewing and quality-controlling your group's work?

BitKeeper makes it easy to create staging repositories where members of a group can check-in, merge, test and work collaboratively without affecting any other group or the main tree. The lead or the architect can then review and push updates to other groups once the changes are ready for prime time.

Getting serious merge headaches right before a release?

BitKeeper encourages developers to merge and test as they go versus checking in most of the work when a deadline approaches. On top of that, BitKeeper's automerge technology is the best in the industry, making it easy to synchronize different branches. Not only does BitKeeper automerge more code than any other tool, it makes sure that merges are done accurately -- without any guesswork. Merges will also never have to be repeated across multiple branches.

Need more detailed and accurate audit trail of who did what, when and why?

Unlike most other solutions, BitKeeper does not lose individual work that went into a merge and maintains accurate authorship down to every line of code. Issues can be quickly isolated to the right changeset, file, line of code, and author. BitKeeper also provides tools to query the history and generate reports or release notes.

Are rollbacks resulting in big productivity loss?

No one's perfect. Sooner or later you may find yourself needing to roll back to a previous state. In BitKeeper, every changeset is a potential rollback point so you will never be burned by forgetting to tag a version. Plus, BitKeeper keeps a full audit trail of every developer's incremental work, ensuring that any and all good work can be replayed in the event of a rollback.


Are hidden costs associated with your SCM adding up?

BitKeeper's total cost of ownership is one of the lowest in the SCM market. Though other solutions may have lower starting license fees, hidden costs including wasted developer time, administrative overhead, hardware costs, and upgrade costs can quickly erode their benefits. BitKeeper not only makes developers more productive, it requires minimal administration and dedicated hardware. BitKeeper's support level is also unparalleled, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Worried about poorly tested code seeping into a shipped release?

We've all been there. You have a critical customer demo that bombs because someone checked in a change at the last minute that seemed harmless. BitKeeper not only encourages changes to be peer-reviewed as they are shared peer to peer, you can easily implement policies where any check-in is applied to a replicated staging repository where acceptance tests are run before the changes are pushed to the main tree.

Need better metrics on who's doing what, when, and why?

BitKeeper's history is more detailed and accurate than any other solution in the marketplace. Unlike other tools, you don't lose incremental work and authorship information on merges. BitKeeper also makes it easy to issue a full range of queries on the work history, allowing you to track developer productivity, project progress, and bug fixes.

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"BitKeeper is one of the most advanced SCM products on the market."
-- HP

"BitKeeper allows our development teams to be more agile and flexible in meeting our customers' needs."
-- Maxtor

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