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  • Larry McVoy
    Mr. McVoy has over nineteen years of experience in the computer industry. He has worked at Sun Microsystems, SGI, Cobalt Microserver, and Google. He is the designer of TeamWare, Sun's source management product. Solaris has been developed exclusively under TeamWare. Mr. McVoy is also an expert in high performance computer and networking architectures. He has published numerous technical papers and made many technical and marketing presentations on operating systems, clustering, networking, and performance issues. His paper on LMbench received the best paper award in the January 1995 Usenix. Mr. McVoy has made key contributions to many high performance products, including Sun's UFS filesystem, SCSI controllers, 100Mbit ethernet, VLANs, SparcCluster, SGI's Bulk Data Service (BDS), and MDBM. Mr. McVoy holds a MSCS and BSCS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Beth Van Eman
    Ms. Van Eman has over eighteen years of experience in the computer industry. She has worked in software operations at several startups, with a long stay at MIPS and then SGI. She was responsible for software configuration management and release at SGI. Ms. Van Eman holds a BA in Economics from the University of California Santa Cruz.
  • Rick Smith
    Mr. Smith has over twenty-three years of industry experience, specializing in distributed source management since 1992. He is recognized as the world's foremost expert on changeset engines and revision control weave based storage. Mr. Smith holds BSEE/MSEE degrees from CMU and was employed by HP for 16 years, before leaving to form a consulting company