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"Installed, configured, tested, and into production in just a few days and that is on a product that was under ACTIVE development just a few weeks away from release!" -- John Bernstein, Manager Software Engineering, Pixim Inc.

 BK Development Platform    
The BitKeeper Development Platform provides powerful configuration management capabilities and workflow control. BitKeeper was designed to solve many of the scaling, performance, and merge problems that legacy SCM sytems repeatedly introduce.

With BitKeeper, developers become more productive, teams can work collaboratively without ever leaving a version control environment, and work is more likely to be peer reviewed.

Learn more about how and why BitKeeper will accelerate your development productivity. If you just want to try out BitKeeper for yourself, go to the download and evaluation request form.

 BK/Nested repository collections

BK/Nested is technology that allows you to scale all of the benefits of distributed version control to very large source bases, such as an entire operating system even if it has gigabytes or terabytes of binaries, millions of files, in thousands of packages.

A nested collection is made up of a product repository at the top that binds together multiple component repositories. We tested out the technology on the FreeBSD source tree which consists of the kernel, compilers, debuggers, editors, and all the other packages.

BK/Nested lets you work on as much or as little of the collection as you need; BitKeeper does all the bookkeeping to make sure that everything is where it should be in time and space.

The benefits of BK/Nested include scaling up with full audit trail and consistency, scaling down to as little as one component for performance, outsourcing one or more components without leaking any of the surrounding intellectual property, and reusing components in different products, all while retaining the workflow benefits provided by the basic BitKeeper system.

 BK/BAM (Binary Asset Management)

BK/BAM is technology that helps when your development includes large binaries. BK/BAM has one or more BAM servers that have all versions of all binaries. Developers have quick local access to those files that are most relevant to their current work, and older binaries are archived in the BAM server[s].

BK/BAM is somewhat of a hybrid, with most of the data in a centralized server. Centralized servers can be a performance problem; anyone who has used a system like CVS, SVN, Perforce, etc., from a remote site is painfully aware of the issue. BK/BAM does not have this problem, you can have as many servers as you like; the remote site problem goes away.

BK/Web is a web interface for browsing and searching BitKeeper repositories that augments the suite of BitKeeper GUI tools. BK/Web is typically used by people who wish to follow the progress of a project in a browser. BK/Web is also used to link bug reports to the changes that fixed the problem.

Users can search or browse work history based on a variety of parameters including changesets, users, tags, or the files themselves.

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