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How to buy
BitKeeper prices depend on a variety of factors including which products you choose, whether you choose to lease or buy, and the number of licenses you need. The total cost of SCM includes more than just seat price. The full set of costs are discussed in our total cost of ownership section which demonstrates how BitKeeper can be significantly less expensive than any other offering, free or commercial.

We offer two different methods for licensing BitKeeper, allowing you to choose which method best fits your business requirements.

Buy option: this is the traditional way of purchasing software, you pay a one time fee and have the right to use that version of the software indefinitely. This model includes the first year of support and maintenance, with additional years available for a yearly fee.

Lease option: this is the new preferred model in the software industry. Leasing has become very attractive with software buyers who see the advantage of smaller annual payments, included support, and included upgrades. This means you can always get the latest version without having to retire your old software and buy it again every year or two. This option has proven to be quite popular with our customers because it is substantially less than the purchase price and is paid annually.

BitKeeper can be purchased in the following packages:

To request a quote or an evaluation key, please fill out the license request form.

For information and assistance, please send a query to or call BitMover at 888-401-8808.

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